Our School


why teachers love teaching at Monterey:

Monterey is a place of laughter and joy, where the staff have fun with the children in a warm, friendly and relaxed environment. We create an opportunity for children to express themselves freely and we enjoy building relationships with them and their families. Our intake of learners is diverse and the children are encouraged to be accepting of one another. The children are happy and enjoy participating in the unique programme we offer. They are self-confident, responsible and independent individuals.

There is a good team spirit amongst the staff members. We show compassion, support and encourage each other. As teachers we bring our unique style into the classroom while following the Monterey ethos.

Together with our assistants we find the class size manageable and we are able to enjoy individual time with the children as well as have time to assess them in small groups. The programme is unique and we see the benefits while working with the children.
We are thankful for the parent involvement, their support and co-operation. Together we provide a stimulating and positive learning experience for children in a picturesque and spacious area.

what we as teachers hope each child will take with them when they leave Monterey

We hope that in addition to their scholastic achievements, that they will be self-confident and disciplined with well-rounded characters. They should have a positive self-image, be aware of their capabilities and strengths and therefore be willing to meet the demands of any challenge as they go forward through life.