Preparing Your Child

monterey philosophy

Our strength is developing the whole child to be happy, secure, confident, strong and healthy. Monterey children are co-operative, engaging and enthusiastic with a healthy self-image that gives them the courage and confidence to accept any challenge. At our School, children with special needs may be accommodated. Our programme places emphasis on a sound moral value system with a broadly Christian influence which respects and welcomes all cultures and religions represented in our country.

Each area of Monterey is designed to stimulate the child’s creativity, challenge their curiosity and develop all their perceptual and pre-learning skills. Emphasis is also placed on the child’s social integration, abilities to make decisions and resolve conflict.

There are many motivational practices in our programme where the children are taught to:

  • Achieve for themselves
  • Appreciate their own work
  • Be self-disciplined
  • Accomplish tasks
  • Be responsible
  • Solve their own problems

The philosophy of education at Monterey is based on positivity. Discipline is based on “do’s” rather than “do nots” and we encourage self-discipline within the framework of a loving environment.

monterey children are happy children because

We¬†have skilled teachers who are approachable and in touch with each child’s needs and abilities.

There is a wonderful school spirit that welcomes parent participation in a loving and supportive environment that allows the children to grow in confidence.

The playground is an adventure and the property is secure.

The teaching method guides children to achieve at their own pace to reach the development norms timeously. It also encourages self-discipline and a strong belief in themselves!

Children focus on learning areas and skills that are 100% age appropriate and will prepare them for Grade 1 and for life!

Aftercare and Holiday Care is offered for children to share extra time with friends and caring adults.